Building dynamic web forms that adapt to users' responses and validating their responses prior submission is a real challenge, especially when you need a lot of them to be published online.

Uni-Forms Framework tackles those challenges by enabling the publishers to create a dozen of online web form with the proper validation and business rules in just a few minutes and publish them to any online service without needing any coding or technical skills.

What about the submissions? imagine that you received thousands of submissions on the forms you've published in one place! this will help the decision makers to make their decisions in effective manner.

Uni-Forms Framework built on the top of Unified Identity Framework which means you will benefit from the great features included in both Frameworks!

High scalability in Uni-Forms Framework is one of the best features because of its compliance with Repository Pattern, Onion architecture and Dependency Injection.

Uni-Forms is an open source framework written using ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework 6.X.

Take a Tour

This video tour will walk you through the features that are available in Uni-Forms Framework. It also provides a way of showing the benefits of using Uni-Forms Framework in your .NET web applications.

Premium Features

Easy Interface

With the intuitive interface, setup and organize your forms in no time.

Solid Validation

Enforce users to submit only valid data using pre-defined or regex validation rules.

Form Fields

Access a wide variety of form fields to build your form quickly and easily.

Upload Attachments

Easily upload single/multiple files through your form with valid file extensions.

Submissions Management

All form submissions are automatically saved for you in a centric database. View, edit, delete, export, sort, and search through users' responses in a centralized location.

Repository Pattern

Compliant with Repository Pattern, Onion Architecture and Dependency Injection.

User Management

Manage user identity information and credentials.

User Registration

Two-Factor Authentication, Password Reset / Confirmation.

Group-Based Authorization

Grant permissions to the groups a user belongs to.

Multilingual User Interface

Supports up to 69 languages worldwide.

CRUD Bootstrap Modal Popups

Perform AJAX create, retrieve, update and delete operations.

AJAX Server Side Data Grid

Server Side Paging, Infinite Scrolling, Filtering and Sorting